FSP Kiribati (FSPK)

FSP Kiribati (FSPK) has worked for more than 20 years in Kiribati, promoting sustainable community development in active partnership with the Government of Kiribati, local NGOs and church groups, regional and international partners. FSP Kiribati’s core strengths include non-formal education and training in the areas of health, water and sanitation, agro-forestry, home food production and nutrition, environment, distance education, small business development and good governance.  FSP Kiribati works in urban South Tarawa, as well as the rural outer islands in the Gilbert and Line Groups.

FSPK has initiated a local NGO capacity-building project to stimulate the involvement of civil society in community development and promote good governance. It has also undertaken social, environmental and economic education projects on a national and regional basis, and researched, developed and piloted appropriate technological solutions for community development challenges.

Mission: We work with communities in a people centred approach through participatory community development programmes aimed at self reliance and sustainable development and improving the standard of living for all I-Kiribati people.

Vision: Together we build on i-Kiribati community initiatives through knowledge and skills sharing to foster development using a community-based and people-centred approach.

FSPK OfficerTarawa Kumon, Email – Kumon.tarawa@gmail.com

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