Capacity Building


Provide formal and on-the job training to Affiliates, Governments, NGO’S and Communities in participatory governance processes, methods for improved coastal management and sustainable livelihoods.

Site Support:

One of the best ways of learning is by doing.  Much of the programmer’s capacity building will take place during the implementation by affiliates of community based resource management projects where the following are carried out:

  • Training in Tuvalu

    Facilitation of community participatory processes and development of community based coastal management plan/strategies by communities

  • Implementation of management actions such as coastal habitat restoration, Marine Protected Area establishment ecosystem monitoring and alternative sustainable livelihoods
  • Sourcing technical support and finance for other coastal management related actions on request from communities and affiliates

Networks and Partnerships

Support the development of national and regional networks and partnerships to enhance effectiveness through sharing or skills and lessons learned and improved communications with government and other stakeholders.