The Tuvalu Association of NGOs is a community-based umbrella organisation for NGOs and community-based organisations in Tuvalu. It aims to promote and support healthy and sustainable development.

TANGO’s principal concern is encouraging and assisting NGOs in their work to enable human development within Tuvalu. TANGO encourages this to be undertaken in a sustainable manner, ensuring the long-term survival of its own organization and any projects in which it assists. TANGO seeks to ensure transparency and accountability for the activities for TANGO and other members of the civil society and offers leadership to NGOs by example and guidance.
TANGO values the spirit of democratic participation and mutual cooperation and wishes to encourage a climate of service and volunteerism.

TANGO was founded in 1986 by seven founding members with the aim of helping NGOs access information and attract potential resources into the country. TANGO operated on a purely voluntary basis and its office was based within the premises of the Tuvalu National Red Cross for the first 11 years of its existence. In 1987, TANGO’s constitution was developed and approved and in 2000 TANGO developed a Strategic Plan 2001-2004 (Our Way Forward strategy).

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