How we work

FSPI’s mission is to work with Pacific communities through people-centred programmes that help foster self-reliance within a changing world. FSPI does this by developing projects based on the needs identified by member organisations and their constituencies to improve quality of life.

These projects are carried out through FSPI’s five signature programmes:

  • Governance;
  • Communities and Coasts;
  • Health;
  • Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovations (MORDI), and:
  • Community-based Disaster Risk-Reduction and Management.

FSPI’s programmes are well-regarded for their sustainable, community-led innovations that aim to lift communities out of poverty and make them take responsibility for their development in partnership with government and other stakeholders.

FSPI’s four pillars

Each of the five programmes is geared towards achieving overall targets based on four pillars:

  • Programme development;
  • Institutional strengthening and network development;
  • Sustainable financing, and;
  • Communication and advocacy for development.

Pillar 1: Programme development

Programme development remains FSPI’s core business to achieve our vision and mission. This pillar provides the framework for developing and implementing people-centred projects through each of our programmes. It is an ongoing systematic process applied at both national and regional levels but the principles are the same and founded on FSPI’s code of conduct and core values. This strategic area will also ensure sustainability and continued growth of FSPI’s current programmes.

Pillar 2: Institutional strengthening

FSPI is a community-centred organisation that strives to empower Pacific communities. This strategic focus aims to develop what we call a “Growing People Strategy” to develop the capacity of the Secretariat and our Network Partners. The hope is that through growing our staff, FSPI’s strategic plan will be effectively carried out. Among other things, the Growing People Strategy will be carried out through training and monitoring and evaluation.

Pillar 3: Sustainable financing

FSPI realises that building a sustainable and resilient foundation for both the Secretariat and its Network Partners is fundamental to the long-term development of sustainable communities. This strategic focus is aimed at building and sustaining FSPI and its Network Partners as financially secure, trustworthy, resilient and viable institutions serving Pacific Island communities. FSPI is a trusted partner continuing to create effective and strategic relationships with development partners to serve its Network Partners and in turn Pacific communities.

Pillar 4: Communication and advocacy for development

To achieve the three other pillars a reliable and efficient communication and advocacy framework is required. FSPI’s information technology specialists and advocacy team reach out to people throughout the Pacific to make FSPI’s vision a reality. They do this through supporting network partners set up strong communications platforms, document projects and disseminate information in support of the five regional programmes. Also as part of this strategy, the Programme Support Unit provides support, service and infrastructure necessary for the FSPI Secretariat staff and its network partners to function properly.

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