Stepping Stones Project

Project Coordinator

As an effective way to get people to see issues through new eyes, drama has proven to be very popular in the Pacific. Issues such as HIV and AIDS, gender-based violence and human rights have all been effective topics for drama to facilitate dialogue on difficult or controversial issues throughout the region.

The power of drama is why Stepping Stones uses it to help initiate changes in attitudes and behaviour within communities. As its name implies, Stepping Stones is a step-by-step process that is undertaken in community to increase communication and mutual understanding on issues important to that community. The Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI) is the organisation responsible for implementing the Stepping Stones programme in the South Pacific island countries.

In 2010 FSPI managed the project ‘Linking HIV and Gender Inequality’ to develop specific dramas that would help sensitise and strengthen the capacity of national facilitators, particularly on issues of gender equality. These dramas are featured in this film. It’s likely that drama will continue to be a catalyst for discussion in the Stepping Stones process. Particularly for gender issues, drama helps participants ask the hard questions and provides a window on emotions and perspectives that might otherwise remain hidden

Website – Stepping Stones

Community Solutions – Stepping Stones Part One/Two

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