Sustainable Livelihoods Programme

FSPI Programme Coordinator

How can we support communities to build on what they have for a better life?

Sustainable livelihoods are a high priority Pacific Island communities and governments alike.  But many consider that support for livelihoods is not achieving its potential.  Sustainable livelihoods are central to current development policy including resource management and conservation but also in emerging policy to meet threats such as climate change adaptation.

Recognizing that the performance of sustainable livelihoods approaches in the Pacific needs to be substantially improved, FSPI and partners in 9 Pacific Island countries are keen to share work on community livelihoods carried out over more than a decade and specifically research over the last 5 years.


  • Aim 1 – Improve understanding on livelihoods
  • Aim 2 –Explore some of the livelihood approaches
  • Aim 3 –Provide a tool to assist communities in assessing livelihoods
  • Aim 4 –Document and disseminate experiences more widely
  • Aim 5 –Provide policy guidance and promote discussion