Governance Prgm

FSPI Programme Manager

The FSPI Governance Program evolved from efforts to address the critical governance issues facing the Pacific community and promote the development of good governance from community level in the region.

By definition the governance program is made up of projects, discreet, but geared toward achieving the overall objective. Voices and Choices “Gardening Good Governance and Democracy in the Pacific” is the first project and currently in its fourth and final year.

Separate but definitely related is the GOAL (Grassroots Opportunities for Action and Leadership) which got underway earlier this year. GOAL looks to build on the work out of Voices and Choices especially the Community Action Plans and developing the capacity to link in with a funding mechanism like the “Cotonou” Non State Actor envelopes. There is also a small project being conducted in Zazao, on the island of Isabel, the Solomon Islands.

Our Guiding Principles`

Simply put governance means the process of decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not. The major characteristics of good governance are:

  • Participation – civil society is well informed and has easy access to the formal and informal governance structures
  • Transparency – decision making and implementation are within the law. It also means that those affected by these decisions are well informed.
  • Accountability – government, private sector and civil society organizations must be accountable to the public and to their stakeholders. Accountability cannot be enforced without transparency.
  • Rule of Law – fair legal frameworks
  • Responsiveness – service delivery to all stakeholders
  • Inclusiveness – that everyone has the same opportunity to improve well being
  • Consensus Oriented – broad consensus on what is good for the community and how to achieve it
  • Effectiveness – service delivery should meet the needs of the people using the best resources available and at the same time ensuring sustainability.

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