O Le Samoa (OLSSI)

O le Siosiomaga Society, Inc. (OLSSI), Samoa’s first environment non-government organization, was established in 1990. It is now one of Samoa’s leading conservation NGOs. Since its creation, the overall objective of the society’s work has been to develop its capacity to be a trusted, value added, and catalytic agent to promote the wise use of natural resources and conservation of Samoa’s environment, and through it provide a forum for its members to advocate the successful achievement of the society goals and objectives. OLSSI has a membership of more than 50 financial members, including international and local residents. It has secured access from most village communities in Samoa with unique and intact terrestrial and marine biodiversity resources.Our Vision:

It is our vision to have OLSSI be one of the most dependable, value added and efficient Non Government Organizations.

We aim to be responsive to the broader contemporary issues in all the four pillars of sustainable development (Social, Economic, Environmental,Cultural), as well as further the sustainable management and use of natural resources delivered to benefit peoples and communities of Samoa, the Pacific region, and the world utilizing broad advocacy and awareness raising approaches whilst respecting the principles of good governance.

Contact Details:

O Le Siosiomaga Society Inc, Matafele, PO Box 2282, Apia, SAMOA, Phone: 0685 25897, Fax: 0685 21993, Email: ngo_siosiomaga@samoa.ws