Project Objectives

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The most effective way of addressing coastal threats in Vanuatu is to work within the deep-seated tradition of local marine tenure.  In fact, Vanuatu has already shown some of the most impressive uptake results in terms of community based coastal resource management in the region.  Currently FSPV strategy is to continue to improve community coastal management in coordination with, and support of, the work of the Vanuatu Fisheries Department.

Objective 1 : Support pilot sites as part of district/provincial-based networks in each country

  • Continue to provide support for the existing sites with special focus in developing ‘sustainability strategies’ such as Eco-tourism activities for ‘village sites in Marou, Panunagisu, and Mystery Island with the Fisheries department and Wan Smol Bag and Tourism.  The focus will be to build capacity of MPA management committees and put in place sustainable strategies in governance, sustainable financing, improved communication and establishing support networks for the long term.  The project will engage in supporting relevant agencies in establishing and building enabling mechanisms at provincial and national policy guidelines to support community based coastal resource management.
  • Extend efforts (new) to other North Efate villages Takara, Emua, Sama and Siviri (initiated), Tanoliu that neighbor Marou and Paunagisu through the North Efate Tabu area network with the aim of coordinating sustainable resource management on the whole North shore of Efate;
  • Establish a provincial network in SHEFA province to support existing village pilots in North Efate.  An Shefa Action Strategy for Coastal Resource Management will be developed to guide support for all coastal communities in the province which will be the programme to guide donor and partners support in the long term.

Objective 2:  Expand the impact of the lessons learned by increasing government participation and networking with other national and regional partners.

  • Support for National networks in CBAM at the national level with the Village Based Resource Managed Area Network (VBRMA).
  • Enhance the integration of experiences into work plans and polices of Vanuatu Fisheries Department and Environment Division,  The working relations with both will continue and be developed under a new MoU
  • Expand programmatic work to provide communities with various tools to support their community efforts including outreach on traditional ecological knowledge and governance, a sea turtle education and awareness programme, sustainable livelihoods approaches and ensuring appropriate exit strategies for pilot sites.