FSP Vanuatu (FSPV)

Vanuatu Culture

The Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific Vanuatu (FSPV) was first established in 1988. The office was fully localized in 1997 after more than a year of participatory institutional and capacity building activities focused on strategic planning for localization. These activities culminated in the first FSPV constitution and local Board of Directors. FSPV is now a fully registered in-Vanuatu NGO serving its members through its programmes implemented throughout the country.

FSPV is a local not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) focusing on sustainable development, particularly in the sectors of health, youth, good governance, natural resource management, disaster risk management and community capacity building.  The philosophy of its intervention strategy is based on effective project management, training and local capacity building.

FSPV is also a voluntary membership organization with various members representing all of Vanuatu’s provinces.  Members support the mission of FSPV and have access to information and services through the FSPV staff and member network.

FSP Vanuatu’s Mission is to:

  • Support and promote the sustainable social, economic and environmental development of all people of Vanuatu;
  • Improve and promote the equal participation and fair treatment of all Vanuatu people, both within FSPV and outside, while conserving the unique cultural identities of Vanuatu;
  • Advance the capacities and self-reliance of Vanuatu’s communities, especially in rural areas, and develop new ways of doing this.

Contact Details:

Acting Manager:  Tevi M, Email: coralgarden@gmail.com, Telephone: + 678 22915